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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lazy Day Chicken

Lazy Day Chicken is such a quick and easy dinner for those crazy, busy nights.... everyone will love it....

Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Categories Added

Super excited to announce I have added DIY Décor and Recipes from My Kitchen categories to the blog 😎

Friday, January 25, 2019

Come Follow Our Remodel of the Farmhouse

Come follow along with our progress of remodeling this 100 year old farmhouse....

Remodeling Our Farmhouse

I have provided direct links to our progress at the end of the listed post.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

About Us.....

Let me introduce our family....

I'm Tracy Lee, a corporate exec by day and a country mom by night.  The man I refer to as "the old man", lol is my other half, for his own construction company.   I have a son (JW) in college to a previous marriage and he has a daughter (Chey) to a previous marriage.

Last Spring the old man proposed and together we decided to purchase my childhood home in the country from my mother when she decided to downsize.  We moved here in August and quickly started to drive each other crazy with all the things we wanted to change to make the place "ours."

Thanks to my Pinterest addiction I have wayyyyyyy too many ideas for every room....of course my other half is not excited by all of these ideas, lol, but out of love he humors me.  I decided to start this blog so family and friends could follow along with our progress....our trials and tribulations of remodeling this homestead.  And hopefully to help out anyone looking for ideas of what works and what doesn't. We are DIYing the remodel, the décor, sampling new recipes, as well as trying to set up our homestead. Anyone is welcome to stick around, to laugh with us about the antics of this crazy house, to cry with me when things don't go as planned and to celebrate when they do.

I won't be a smooth ride here on our Little Slice of Joy :)

**remember to click follow if you'd like to follow along

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My first post....

Good morning on this winter morning!

What a whirlwind of weather this week has been...  Gotta love living in western PA, you get to experience all four seasons in 48 hours lol.  Yesterday it was 60 degrees and a tornado went through our area and this morning it's 34 degrees with a winter weather advisory of lake effect snow.  I think Mother Nature is a little bipolar.

This is my first official post and I'm sitting here with a mind block...I will try this again later, as I have a doctor's appointment this morning to prep for....more later.

Stay warm out there everyone.